Online Order Guide

Please follow these steps to Order Online:
(For best experience we recommend you to order using a Desktop or Laptop Computer)

1- Before getting started please CONTACT US to check if your selected equipment is confirmed IN STOCK

After that, click on the "REGISTER" button below:


2- Type your email address, choose a strong password, and then click on the "REGISTER" button.

3- Click on "ADDRESSES" to edit your Billing Address.

4- Click on "EDIT".

5- Complete the form with your Details and Delivery Address for your Order, and then click on the "SAVE ADDRESS" button.

6- Browse for any product that you like, and then click on the "ADD TO CART" Button

7- Click on the "CART ICON" on the right side.

8- Click on the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button.


9- Review the details before placing the order, and then click on the "PLACE ORDER" button.


10- That's it! Congratulations your order has been placed. You will receive an email with your Product Order details and bank details to proceed with payment and delivery.

For any questions or issues when ordering please call us to 098-193-2454

Thank you!