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FX Flame GX2


With a gasprojector of the GX2 series from Explo, there are no more borders to the creation of musical synchronized flame pillars, or fireballs.

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Thanks to its sturdy built the gasprojector is especially well suited for outdoor use.
The gasprojector is controlled with the Explo-Mastermodule, or the RX-1K Gas, but can also be ignited with an external ignition impulse.

Optional DMX
By use of the optional DMX connectors, it is also possible to control the GX2 12V with a DMX controller, and thus be synchronized to other DMX viable devices.

Aerosole-adapters allow the usage of either two or four aerosole cartridges as fuel for the GX2. Aerosole cartridges are especially well suited for indoor use, since you not bound to large gas bottles, or gas tubes. A special indoor nozzle allows for optimal use of the cartridge content.

Optional RX2-1K GAS
Another optional control variant for the GX2 12V is the small radio receiver RX2.1K Gas. It allows for precise ignitions of selected flame effects via radio control. This allows you to add the gasprojector to any automated pyrotechnical show fast and easy.

Individual usage of flame pillars or fireballs.
Different possibilities for control, like DMX.
Simple integration into musical synchronous shows.
Multiple accessories available.

Effect height: Up to 6 meters
Size: 26x26x39 cm
Weight: 6.8 kg
Power supply: Lead-gel-battery 12VDC / 230V
Case: Aluminium housing
Fuel: Propane, Butane