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FX Fog Jet


The FX FOG JET 1500 is a professional-grade, smoke fluid-charged fogger that creates a dynamic and truly unique ambience to any stage setup.

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Made in Thailand. Safe and simple to use, FX FOG JET 1500 uses ordinary smoke machine fluid to create an impossible-to-miss vertical stream of hydro-mist, spectacularly enhanced by 21 high-power, multicolor LED lights. Blend varying proportions of Red, Blue and Green light for mood appropriate or signature colour combinations of brilliantly illuminated fog, ideal for clubs, smaller-scale events, festivals and weddings.


  • Completely unique illuminated hydro-mist visual effect, similar to CO2 Jet.
  •  Wireless remote control of the individual colours
  •  Can be mounted for vertical, horizontal or downward blast
  •  Precision timing and trigger control
  •  Customized sequencing with DMX mode 
  •  Easy-to-use DMX functions and stand-alone settings
  •  User friendly digital display  Fast 4-minute heat-up cycle
  •  21 powerful RGB LED lamps (7 red, 7 green, 7 blue)
  •  Flight case available separately 


  • DMX:                      8 Channels
  • DMX connector:     3 pin
  • Light Source:          21 LEDs (7 red, 7 green, 7 blue) 3 W (800 mA)
  • Heat-Up time:       4 minutes
  • Weight:                  9.6 kg
  • Size:                       47.5x32x20 cm
  • Voltage:                 230 V / 50-60Hz
  • Power:                   1500 W
  • Output:                  17000 cbf
  • Warranty:               1 Year